Vers la mer

Annik Leroy

Vers la mer is a documentary about and inspired by the Danube, the river of Mitteleuropa. The Danube, the only river of our continent that connects so many people as such a confusing mix. It is the route that links the West to the East, a myth as much as a reality, an epic towards the sea. A presence so strong, so dazzling, that it freezes the gaze and brings us back to a certain humility. A film that wants to situate itself between poetic reverie, historical and contemporary reality, encounters with those who live along the shores of the river. Will the river be the symbol of something else than itself?” (AL)


Yet almost this river seems
to travel backwards and
I think it must come from
the East.
Much could
be said about this.

— Friedrich Hölderlin, The Ister, 1803


various languages with English subtitles