汾阳的喧嚣 Ironic Resonance, Anti-sound Design and Radical Cacophony in Jia Zhangke's 小 Xiao 武 Wu

Breath, Rhythm, Silence, Resonance: Listening Beyond Seeing in the Films of Trinh T. Minh-ha

Alia Syed: Imprints, Documents, Fictions

Living on air: the films and words of Sandra Lahire

Out of the Shadows

Michel Khleifi, Mémoire Fertile / Fertile Memory

Of Sea and Soil: The Cinema of Tsuchimoto Noriaki and Ogawa Shinsuke

Pas de deux, Le cinema de Anne-Marie Miéville

Pas de deux, The Cinema of Anne-Marie Miéville

Wang Bing, Filming a Land in Flux

The Rambling Figures of Mani Kaul

Hong Sang-Soo, Infinite Worlds Possible

Acto da primavera