festival dates

Courtisane festival, notes on cinema, 23nd edition, 27 - 31 March 2024


Ditte Claus - Production, administration - email

Emma Steurs- Guests, production, volunteers - email

Laura Persijn - Press, communication - email

Pieter-Paul Mortier - Artistic & financial director, program - email

Stoffel Debuysere - Program, publications - email



Anna L'hoëst - Intern

Dirk Deblauwe - Web design

Eva van Tongeren - Program

Gunther Fobe - Print design

Helena Huvenne - Production

Laurent Tenzer - Subtitles

Maarten Vandaele - DCP, video files

María Palacios Cruz - Program

Martin Putto, Sakis Brönnimann, Bob Mees, Mattias Bavré - Projection

Michiel Devijver - Photographer

Rebecca Jane Arthur, Veva Leye - Translations, editing

Stijn Schiffeleers - Technical coordination

Vincent Stroep - Program, production

Zoë Sioen - Intern


Jan De Vrieze, Katrien Coupez, Lennert Dierick, Michael Knapen, Nathalie De Neve

Patrick Deboes, Sofie Mercier, Wendy Vercauteren
Sphinx Cinema

Elisa De Schepper, Lennart Soberon


RvB: Fairuz Ghammam, Hilde D’haeyere, Iris Verhoeven, Mohanad Yaqubi

AV: Bob van Langendonck, Caroline Van Peteghem, Dirk Deblauwe, Gerard-Jan Claes, Gunther Fobe, Helena Kritis, Hendrik Leper, Marie Logie, Sirah Foighel Brutmann, Stoffel Debuysere, Wieter Bloemen

What is Courtisane?
  • a platform for film and audiovisual arts. We question the potential of audiovisual arts and its possible ways of showing, experiencing, seeing and looking. In doing so, we explore the relationships between image and world, aesthetics and politics, experiment and engagement.
  • a network in which collaborations with formal and informal partners, the exchange of knowledge and the creation of visibility for creators and thinkers are at the core.
  • a community in which a stimulating and participatory atmosphere of encounter and confrontation is encouraged.
Courtisane does this through:
  • a yearly five-day festival at various locations in Ghent.
  • an ongoing yearly programme of film screenings, presentations, discussions and encounters.
  • publications of new and/or existing but forgotten texts.

A history:

Courtisane was founded in 2002 by a young cinephile collective. For the first few years, the non-profit organised a festival for short films at arts centre/production house Victoria. In 2005 it moved to Vooruit Arts Centre and traditional cinema halls. Meanwhile, a small yearly programme was developed and an increasing focus was put on performances and exhibitions. After ten years, Courtisane experienced a moment of transition. The main changes took place in deepening the content, broadening the programme and finding new locations. The focus increasingly moved to the work of artists and filmmakers with a personal signature, work that shows a drive for innovation and social commitment. The operation saw a steady expansion of collaborations at home and abroad from this period onwards. Meanwhile, in addition to the festival, Courtisane organises about 20 activities per season.In recent years, moments of reflection were extended in the form of conversations, workshops and publications.

Courtisane vzw
p.a. KASK | Campus Bijloke
Louis Pasteurlaan 2
9000 Ghent


Courtisane is in residency in KASK & Conservatorium, the school of arts of HOGENT and Howest 

As a platform and festival to showcase film and audiovisual arts, Courtisane makes a resolute choice for adventure and reflection. Courtisane’s programmation constitutes a kaleidoscopic mosaic of styles, media, gestures, languages and emotions; a patchwork of recent and historical works that share an insatiable hunger for experimentation, a personal signature, and a sense of resistance. Courtisane has been organizing a yearly festival since 2002.



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