carte blanche: Eraserhead

9 November, 2018 - 21:0016 November, 2018 - 19:00
Cinematek, Brussels

Screening of 9 November introduced by Lisandro Alonso.


David Lynch

“What to say about Lynch? The logic of a dream, the reason behind a dream, the disturbing and wonderful thing about dreams, although after each projection we cannot remember them. More and more, there’s something in the soul of his films that remains impregnated in my way of thinking of cinema. He’s another important influence when thinking about my next project. I really like the unpredictability and freedom of his images and soundtracks. I've never seen this film, his first work, which took him 5 years to complete. It makes me very curious to see the cinematic seed where everything started for D. Lynch.”  (Lisandro Alonso)


English spoken, Dutch & French subtitles