Dissent! - Costa/Andersen

3 April, 2015 - 15:30




DISSENT! Talk - after screening Où Gît Votre Sourire Enfoui


“Cinema Against the Grain” is the name that Thom Andersen has given to one of his classes. What does it mean to think of cinema as an oppositional force? What or whom does cinema need to resist or stand against? And what exactly does this resistance imply? Does it entail stubbornness by remaining in place or the confidence to push ahead? In the latter case, one cannot fail to ask: Where to? Is it not when the answer to this question remains unclear that one is confronted with what is perhaps the most critical question of all: For whom? And perhaps more importantly: With whom?


In collaboration with KASK and HISK.

Où Gît Votre Sourire Enfoui (Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?)

Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa shot this portrait of filmmakers Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet at work while they were re-editing the third version of Sicilia! at the Studio National des Arts Contemporains in Le Fresnoy. A work of friendship and dedication and one of the greatest lessons of cinema.