Ici et ailleurs

6 October, 2018 - 19:00
Cinematek, Brussels

An initiative of CINEMATEK and Courtisane, in collaboration with Le Service de Culture cinématographique (SCC).

On the occasion of this program, Courtisane, Sabzian and Cinematek have collected a series of writings and interviews in a small-edition publication (French/English).

Ici et ailleurs (Here and Elsewhere)

Jean-luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville

Here, an average family in front of their television. Elsewhere, Palestinian fighters, filmed during their daily activities, their training, their deaths. In 1974, Jean-Luc Godard en Anne-Marie Miéville presented a rereading of footage that was shot four years before in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. As Gilles Deleuze wrote about Ici et ailleurs: “It is not a matter of following a chain of images, even across voids, but of getting out of the chain or the association. Film ceases to be 'images in a chain ... an uninterrupted chain of images each one the slave of the next', and whose slave we are. It is the method of BETWEEN, 'between two images', which does away with all cinema of the One.”


French spoken