Jakob Ullmann

4 April, 2015 - 22:00

 solo II, IV & V

A catalogue of sounds (Solo for violoncello)

“That cruel noise”. It’s the first memory that Jakob Ullmann clearly recalls: the terrible racket of the songs and marches unceasingly emanating from the loudspeakers that the East German government installed to “persuade” the peasants in his village to join the state cooperatives. The very reason why Ullmann makes music, he claims, is to drive out this noise, to create spaces where its cruelty is suspended, even just for a while: “The less loud music is, the better I can hear it.” The result is uncompromising work of radical softness, compositions of extended duration, slow pacing and low volume levels that often seem so fragile that they might disintegrate if touched by a passing breeze. The complexity of Jakob Ullmann’s enthralling micro-drama’s, cautiously woven from condensed gestures and concentrated play, partly explains why many of his works remain unperformed and unrecorded. At the Courtisane Festival, in addition to a part of A catalogue of Sounds, three new solo pieces will be performed for the first time.


Ellen Fallowfield - cello / Jane Dickson - piano / Dafne Vicente-Sandoval - bassoon

in attendance of Jakob Ullmann

in collaboration with Vooruit

tickets: www.vooruit.be

Jakob Ullmann