23 March, 2022 - 14:00
Beursschouwburg, Brussels

PAM (Platform Audiovisual and Media Arts) organises monthly gatherings, called PAM p.m., where artists, curators, producers, and organisations working in these disciplines can share questions with one another and enter into a conversation. All topics can be addressed: fundraising, distribution, (co-)production, authorship, inclusion,…


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META-PAM - The audiovisual, sound and media arts community unites

PAM (Platform for Audiovisual and Media Arts) has grown out of a diverse assembly of organizations and practitioners working with moving image, sound art, or media art. PAM invites anyone who works in media arts to meet, to discuss common issues and to share knowledge and tools about the development, production, distribution, presentation, and reflection of audiovisual and media arts.

After over a year of activities, the next PAM gathering proposes to reflect on the field of artists, artworkers, communities and organisations, how to navigate it, which interrelations and positions define audiovisual and media arts, and how PAM can act as a supporting structure within this network. An open discussion will address the multiple facets of the question: How to gather in the future?

14:00 Welcome & introductions
15:00 Mapping the field - A Blueprint by Christina Stuhlberger
15:30 Discussion
17:30 Drinks
20:00 Wrap up  

The event is organized by PAM in collaboration with Kunstenpunt/Flanders Arts Institute