PAM p.m. 8

23 November, 2022 - 13:00
argos, Brussels

PAM (Platform Audiovisual and Media Arts) organises monthly gatherings, called PAM p.m., where artists, curators, producers, and organisations working in these disciplines can share questions with one another and enter into a conversation. All topics can be addressed: fundraising, distribution, (co-)production, authorship, inclusion,…

PAM p.m. 8

Let’s talk about audiovisual arts  

PAM (Platform for Audiovisual and Media arts) has grown out of a diverse assembly of organisations working with audiovisual, sound, or media arts. Today, it also includes a broader community of individuals, artists, curators, producers, and organisations active in these fields. PAM aims to exchange knowledge, tools, and resources by meeting regularly and discussing shared concerns.

This edition of PAM will be hosted by argos and will focus specifically on the field of audiovisual arts. The needs and hurdles faced by artists working with film and video, as well as multi-channel installations, will take centre stage in roundtable discussions.

13:00 welcome : have a cup of soup
13:30 general introduction & housekeeping by argos director and chief curator Niels Van Tomme, followed by a round of presentations
14:00 we break out in various smaller groups to discuss topics raised by participating artists
16:00 the larger group reconvenes and our designated reporters attempt to summarise the discussions
17:00 have a drink

please fill out  this form by 14 November to RSVP

languages: English / français / Nederlands