Daniel Hui & 13 Little Pictures

4 December, 2017
Cinematek, Brussels

Daniel Hui is a Singaporean filmmaker currently based in Boston, MA/USA. A graduate of the School of Film/Video at the California Institute of the Arts (2009–2011), he makes short and feature-length works that explore the emotional and political landscapes of present-day Singapore through the prisms of family, memory, class and race. His films have been shown and awarded at film festivals such as the Torino Film Festival, the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and Doclisboa. He is one of the founding members of 13 Little Pictures, an independent Singapore-based film collective that is bound by a spirit of collaboration and a shared hope of creating films with unique directorial visions.

During this double screening program at Cinematek, Daniel will present and discuss his first feature film, Eclipses, as well as Spirits of cinema, a selection of short films produced by 13 Little Pictures.


In collaboration with Cinematek, Beursschouwburg, LUCA & ERG.


On 6 December, Daniel will be at Beursschouwburg for ‘Tumbleweed’, a short film program composed of six works by young filmmakers including Daniel’s Animal Spirits.